Led Role
Find 9 to 10 regulator by role
Our strip led have voltage regulator


Strip ligth produit:

Type of strip ligth: 5050 pure white
Lumen:                 16-18 lm/ Per LED
Intensity:                I4.4 W/M
CCT(color):           6000-6500K
Quantity of LED:   60DEL/M
IP :                        IP65
Life:                      35,000 heures (avrage)
PCP:                     Double
Refulator:             7812C au 50cm (voltage regulator)
Input:                    DC12V (power source)
Consomsion:        1.4 AMP for 16 feet
Protection:           Silicone thermo régulated food grated


Our team is not satisfied to have the best products on the market;
we adapt them to meet the standards of excellence of Led Lock Holder


We found that LED strips have better performance with a voltage of 11.5Volts, but automotive alternators have much more voltage then neede, and most power supply from 110 volts to 12 volts are closer to 13 volts


To optimize the life expectancy of our strips led lights, we have redone the electronic circuit, add voltage regulators to bring back to the real voltage need by the LED.


We have also covered our strips LED lights of thermos regulated silicone, it diffusing well the heat emitted by the LED lights, this material responds very well to the various temperature changes, in time and with the heat it does not change color.